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Who We Are

Our mission isn’t simply to help our members get by. We exist to help them realize every ounce of their potential. We exist to educate, but to also encourage. We exist to usher their dreams into the land of reality.

Giving Back

PenFed strongly values philanthropy, volunteerism, and community involvement. Our team members help make a difference in their community by donating time, resources, and compassion where it is needed the most. PenFed encourages employees to give back by providing resources to enhance our positive impact on our communities! We truly believe in truly Doing Better. Our culture of giving back is an essential part of our organization. No deed is too small to make a huge impact.

"I absolutely love it [here]. The PenFed Family is real."

- Rachel Baker

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    “I know it sounds cliché, but I really do love coming to work.”

    - Priscilla Matautia

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    "I love that I have impact on members who have been saving up to buy their first car their dream car.”

    - Dalton Heath

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    "It’s the people that I love! I love my job and I like the direction we’re headed in. It defines me and what I love and enjoy.”

    - Eunice Martin

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